Review Process

The corresponding author submits the manuscript to the journal. This is via Executive Editor (using the journal's online system) or by email:

The executive editor checks the manuscript’s arrangements to make sure that it is framed according to  the journal’s Author Guidelines.

The primary expert review is conducted by the editor-in-chief of the journal. The editor-in-chief checks that the paper is appropriate for the journal and is original, has not been submitted anywhere else and does not contain plagiarism in all its forms (by the means of UNICHECK service). Otherwise the manuscript may be rejected on this step.

The editor-in-chief and the executive editor invite at least three reviewers who are appropriate to the manuscript and are the specialists in the field of the research and in academic English.

All articles are double-blind peer-reviewed - independently and in secret. Reviewers are representing the readers of the journal. 

The period of preparation of the review by the reviewers - within 4 weeks from the receipt of the article. The reviewers have to read the paper several times: firstly, to make the general impression of the work. If major problems are found at this stage, the reviewers may reject the manuscript on this step. If not, the reviewers will read the paper several more times to prepare a detailed review, according to the areas of evaluation:

  • relevance of the article
  • definition of the purpose and object of research
  • connection with existing research and concepts
  • conformity of the research methodology with the obtained results
  • novelty and originality of the received results
  • connection of conclusions with the results of research
  • structure, logical consistency and correct presentation of the material
  • presentation quality (tables, figures) language literacy, errors (specifying pages).

The review is then submitted to the journal, with a recommendation to accept or to reject it – or else with a request for revision (usually flagged as either major or minor) before it is reconsidered.

The editor reserves the right to edit and reject the materials of manuscripts that are executed in violation of these requirements.

After reviewing the manuscript may be:

- accepted for publication;

- returned to the author to make the appropriate adjustments;

- rejected as not corresponding to the current requirements to professional editorials.

The executive editor sends a final decision email to the corresponding author including the review form with reviewer's comments, maintaining anonymity of the reviewers. 

If accepted, the manuscript is sent to publication in the Current Issue of the journal.