Definition of problems and prospects of development of extreme tourism in Ukraine

  • Tetiana But Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Ukraine
Keywords: extreme tourism, development, region, exotic tourism


The state of development of extreme tourism in Ukraine is investigated in the paper. According to the results of research, it has been established that exotic destinations of extreme rest are more popular. Тhe reason for this is that the resorts of Turkey and Egypt, which now belong to the category of mass tourism recreation, can not fully satisfy the interest of customers.

The most popular types of extreme tourism in Ukraine are characterized and their cost is given. It is known that the practice of extreme tourism is not cheap sports, it can negatively affect the number of extreme people who can afford this type of recreation. The tourist territories of Ukraine, which have more than enough potential for the development of various types of active tourism, including extreme view: the Carpathians, Dniester, Polesie, Bug, Black Sea. It was determined that the tourist region of Dniester is especially interesting for popular rafting. It has been also determined that among the extreme types of tourism, military tours are popular, trips to abandoned industrial facilities, especially to the Chernobyl zone. It has been substantiated that Ukraine has all the resources for the development of an extreme type of tourism, therefore this direction may become attractive for attracting the value of the number of foreign tourists. This will accelerate the improvement of the quality of services, development of infrastructure of extreme tourism in Ukraine. In order to develop the tourism industry, special attention should be paid to the directions of development of the tourism industry in Ukraine: the creation of a unified training system for tourism industry in accordance with international standards; consolidation of the received knowledge in production, organization of measures for internship at the main tourist enterprises in Ukraine and abroad, exchange of experience; introduction of innovative marketing tools for the recognition and development of tourism in Ukraine; ensuring the development of an innovative type of tourism – extreme tourism in Ukraine, including the expense of state support.

Author Biography

Tetiana But, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Ukraine

PhD in Economic, associate professor, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Zaporizhzhia


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