Impact of population ageing on human resourcing of Ukrainian economy’s innovative development

  • Andrii Karpenko Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Ukraine
  • Yulia Budytska Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Ukraine


Purpose. Acceleration of scientific and technological progress pace, strengthening of informatization and labor intellectualization processes, considering person as the most valuable resource allowed determining innovative development as a key factor in ensuring economic and social stability of the country, its competitiveness in the international arena. In recent years, the demographic situation, which is associated with an increase in the share of elderly people in general structure of the population, is being increasingly influenced both by the innovative development of Ukraine and the whole world.

The purpose is to study positive and negative consequences of increasing the number of elderly people in general structure of population and their impact on innovative development of the Ukrainian economy. The subject of the study is formation of human resources of innovative activity under the influence of demographic situation.

Design/methodology/approach. The study uses systematic and procedural approaches, functional and target, abstract and logical methods.

Research limitations/implications. The scientific significance lies in establishing relationship between the change in the population structure and economic and social situation in Ukraine.

Findings. The conclusion is based on the importance of population’s ageing problem recognition by the state and development of measures to minimize negative impacts.

Originality/value. Practical significance of the study results is that the influence of negative and positive factors of ageing on the country’s economic growth should be the basis for elaboration of updated programs to stimulate the elderly to increase their role in country’s economic and social life. As a result, this will promote Ukraine’s innovative development, social and economic growth and increase its competitiveness.

 DOI 10.26661/2522-1566/2018-4/06-03

Author Biographies

Andrii Karpenko, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Ukraine

PhD in Economics, associate professor, Assistant Professor of the Department of Human Resourses Management and Labor Economics, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Zaporizhzhia

Yulia Budytska, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Ukraine

applicant for science degree, Zaporizhzhia National Technical University, Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine


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