Questions of skill providing in management system of land recources

  • Olena Lazarieva Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Mykolaiv, Ukraine
Keywords: skilled providing, management of the land resources, land profile, higher educational establishments


Purpose. The paper purpose is to study the question of the skilled providing of control system by the land resources and development of measures in relation to forming of skilled potential for a land production.

Design/methodology/approach. The basic principles of the research are abstractly logical, method of analogy and synthesis, methods of analogy and generalization.

Findings. The subject of the study is the theoretical, methodological aspects and practical applications of the skilled providing are in control system by land resources. In the article the new approaches is offered near the study of specialists «Geodesy and organization» of the use of land of area of knowledge «Architecture and building». It is marked that in the process of studies it is necessary to give mind on the study of such disciplines as business-planning, bases of market economy, basis of enterprise, legal adjusting of the land relations, land management and marketing, economic analysis, market of the land and land consulting. An idea is reflected, that with the aim of providing of quality selection of workers that have professional skills, a necessity is forming of skilled reserve. It is said, that preparation of competitive specialists in industry of the land relations a literate personnel must carry out professionally and the presence of scientific degrees and scientist of ranks must be taken into account there. Principles of professional preparations of land manager were exposed. Offered by measure in relations to forming of skilled potential of territorial organ of management the land resources.

Research limitations/implications. Scientific meaningfulness of work consists in that the necessity of taking into account of the acquired abilities ability and skills at forming skilled potential in the system of management the land resources will allow to be confidently integrated in the new system of economic relations of society.

Originality/value. Practical value of this research is that gained results and recommendations can be used by land arrangement and land evaluation organizations, agencies of executive power and institutions of local governing and other physical and legal entities.

Author Biography

Olena Lazarieva, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Mykolaiv, Ukraine

Doctor of economic science, associate professor, Assistant Professor of the Department of Management of Land Recourses, Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University, Mykolaiv


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