In-driver online taxi and drivers behavior as a part of marketing mix program

Keywords: product, price, promotion, place,driver’s behavior, consumer satisfaction,online taxi


In Indonesia, nowadays, private vehicles, such as cars, also function as public transportation carrying people/goods and charging agreed fees. This mode of transportation is known as an online taxi. Along with the advancement of technology, current applications appear to introduce online transportation ordering services using technology and service standards. Based on these phenomena, some online taxi service providers are existing in Banjarmasin, such as Grab-Car, Go-Car, Maxim, and In-Driver. All services provided are almost the same in transporting people with similar booking systems through an application already installed on the cellphone online, but they have different prices. The number of recent developing online taxis causes the competition to be even tougher. This competition occurs because the price and service are the factors determining consumers’ satisfaction and preference. Hence, online taxi companies attempt to create quality service and appropriate prices to meet consumers’ satisfaction. This study aimed to determine the role of the marketing mix program and drivers’ behavior while driving on the consumer satisfaction with online in-driver taxis in Banjarmasin. This research employed path analysis. The population of this study involved 121 consumers of in-drive taxis in Banjarmasin. The samples were taken from the population through the census method. The results of this study showed that product, price, and promotion had a positive and significant effect on the consumer satisfaction with in-drive taxis in Banjarmasin, and these three variables also positively and significantly affected the drivers’ behavior of in-drive taxi drivers while driving in Banjarmasin. Simultaneously, product, price, place, and promotion had a positive and significant impact on the consumer satisfaction with in-driver taxis in Banjarmasin through the drivers’ behavior of the in-driver taxi in Banjarmasin while driving as an intervening variable.

JEL Classification: M10, M31,O18.


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